Map of wind farms and planned pylon routes in Wales  map top

This map shows the preferred routes for new pylon lines planned by Bute/Green GEN Cymru.

There are four proposals: Towy-Usk, Towy-Teifi, Vyrnwy-Frankton and Rhiwlas. Towy-Usk and Towy-Teifi both terminate at a proposed new substation south of Carmarthen. Vyrnwy-Frankton runs from Montgomeryshire into into Shropshire. The Rhiwlas line links between wind farm projects in Powys.

The three biggest proposals mostly use steel latice pylons, with a section of wood pole overhead lines at the start of the Towy-Usk line. The Rhiwlas line uses all wood poles (132kV single circuit) and is shown as an approximate route, using mid-point of their preferred corridor.

Existing and planned wind farms are shown for context and additional information. They include those proposed by Bute Energy as well as other companies.

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Steel lattice pylons lines = red, with darker individual pylon markers where known red route
Option B alternative mid section of Towy-Usk = pink with darker pylon markers pink route
Original Towy-Usk proposed route, before revision = yellow (option in map menu) yellow route
Wood pole overhead lines = brown, with darker pole location markers where known brown route
Towy-Usk undeground section = purple purple route
Planned wind farms = dark orange planned
Existing wind farms or under construction = light orange existing
Speculative wind farm locations = lilac-pink (option in map menu) speculative
Wind turbine planned = blue (option in map menu) planned wind turbine
Wind turbine existing = grey-blue (option in map menu) existing wind turbine
About this map:

Representation is best effort and based on available information. Pylon route lines may change as planning progresses. Area boundaries for wind farms are simplified or approximated only and are not in any way definitive. They are also likely to change in future.

Circle wind farm markers indicate locations where not much else is known. Speculative wind farms, pink circles, are known by company name only and located with reasonable probability derived from that name (optional display in the layer menu).

Planned and existing wind turbines can be shown (options in menu) if locations are known, though not always available in plans. Where possible the turbine markers are scaled to the rotor size, those recently specified are often much larger than older existing units.

Place markers give a small selection of locations that may be impacted along the routes. They can be turned off/on in the map layer menu.

The base map can be changed between Open Street Map, Open Topographical Map or Satellite - select from the layers menu at the top-right corner.

Information presented on this map is not guaranteed as acurate, but the features are intended to give a reasonably good idea of location. With that in mind, any part of this map may be freely reproduced. The map is generated by open source software (Leaflet) and open licensed map layers.

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